Big News on the Horizon

I’m proud to announce that StagingPilot has joined the Pantheon team! Pantheon offers high-performance hosting and is building the world’s best website operations platform. Their focus on WebOps and developer workflow fits right in line with StagingPilot’s goal to automate the updating and testing of your websites.

We think StagingPilot customers will feel right at home on Pantheon with their suite of workflow tools. In fact, many StagingPilot customers are on Pantheon and love it already:

“For most of our sites, we host them on Pantheon, which is great because they provide built-in dev/staging. So it’s easy to test before deployment and catch issues before they go live.” – Alex Vasquez, Digisavvy [Read how Alex saves over 50hrs each month]

What’s next for StagingPilot? Pantheon is committed to our continued work on the product so we’ll be flying higher than ever before. Read more at Pantheon’s Blog

If you have any questions, please get in touch!

Nathan & the StagingPilot Crew

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