You should allow the following IPs / IP ranges: ( – 2a00:67a0:a:1::/64 For deployments to work correctly you should also ensure that the correct ports are open on your firewall. These vary by protocol: Active FTP – port 21 SSH/SFTP – port 22

Building a great WooCommerce store for your client is only the beginning. Their WooCommerce store is a huge part of their business and you’re likely the one responsible for maintaining the site. Updating and testing are always a consideration with WordPress, but even more so with WooCommerce stores. Your client’s reputation with their customers, your […]

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And just like that, it’s time for WordCamp Los Angeles this weekend!  StagingPilot is proud to once again be a sponsor of this fantastic community event. We’re based in Southern California so WordCamp LA is our ‘home’ camp and we’re looking forward to seeing so many familiar faces from the community,  as well as welcoming […]

Here's What You Need to Know to Write Your Sales Copy

Writing copy can be an absolute beast, especially when it’s not your specialty. Although writing a few blurbs may seem easy, copywriting comes with unique challenges. The work needs to be punchy and direct, effective at communicating your brand and services, establishing trust, and converting to sales in a limited space. Here’s what you need […]

WordCamp DC is coming up this weekend, July 14th-16th, and we’ll be there! We’re excited for the entire line up, and are especially excited about seeing presentations by Mike Schroeder, Kyle Brown, Tara Claeys, and Andrew Nacin. They have an incredible array of speakers this year, and we highly recommend you check out the bunch. The […]

WordCamp OC, which is taking place June 10th-11th, is one of our favorite camps to attend. The Orange County WordPress community is as robust as it it welcoming. They pull out all the stops to put together an amazing line up including WordPressers we know and love, including Jason Cosper, Jacob Arriola, Alex Vasquez, Rachel Cherry, […]

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Some of the most common questions we receive from developers revolve around payment. How do we sell WordPress maintenance services to our clients? How do we price these services? And once we’ve figured out the tactics and numbers, what’s the best way to collect payment? We’ve covered the first two questions in the email course  […]

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One of the most common questions we receive at Staging Pilot is, “How do I price my WordPress maintenance services?” Since it’s not straightforward billable development work, it can get a little complicated, especially when factoring in the costs of a third party service like ours. We’ve already covered the importance of setting up recurring […]

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Welcome to StagingPilot, an automated platform that makes it easy for developers to sell their own WordPress maintenance services. Tyler Digital initially created what is now known as StagingPilot to solve some problems we were having with our own work. We wanted to be able to update and thoroughly test WordPress sites without losing an exorbitant […]